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Metka Hercog

Adjunct Lecturer

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Contact Information:

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    LAS Global Studies
    616 E. Green St., Suite 201
    Champaign, IL 61820
  • Telephone: (217)333-0178
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I split my time between working as a Lecturer of LAS GlobalStudies and as a postdoctoralresearcher at the Institute of CulturalAnthropology and European Ethnology at theUniversity of Basel in Switzerland. I specialize in labor migration andinternational development processes. For my PhD thesis from the University ofMaastricht, I investigated the effects of government policies on the choice ofdestination country for highly skilled migrants. I worked at the ILO, LabourMigration Branch, as a program officer and as a scientific researcher for theCooperation and Development Center at the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL).I was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study ofInternational Migration (ISIM) at Georgetown University in Washington, DC andhave conducted extensive fieldwork in India in conjunction with JawaharlalNehru University (JNU), New Delhi.


Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Highly Skilled Mobilities
  • Politics of Mobility
  • Migrants' Civic Engagement

Research Description

  • My research focuses on the interactionbetween policy and practice in the management of migration phenomena byexamining institutional and legal frameworks and how they shape the experiencesof migrants targeted by such policies. My current research looks at theimmigrant engagement in Switzerland. I address phenomena referred to as “socialcitizenship” or “substantive citizenship”, which go beyond politicalcitizenship and affect migrant and native populations. Besides the bottom-upperspectives, I am interested in top-down institutional approaches ofinterested polities at regional, national and international level.



  • MA Political Science/International Relations, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • MSc International Development Studies, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • PhD Public Policy, Maastricht University, The Netherlands


  • GLBL 100: Introduction to Global Studies

Office Hours

  • By appointment
  • By appointment


Journal Articles

  • "Europe as unlikely immigrant destination: location choice for internationally mobile students in India. ." European Journal of Higher Education (2016):
  • "Motivations and Constraints of Moving Abroad for Indian Students.." Journal of International Migration and Integration (2016):
  • "The Role of the State in Attracting Highly-Skilled Migrants: The Case of The Netherlands. European Institute of Public Administration." EIPASCOPE (2008):