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NameDepartmentThematic AreaEmail Address
Akresh, RichardEconomicsWealth and Poverty in a Globalized
Andrade, FlaviaKinesiology & Community HealthCultures in
Arends-Kuenning, MaryAgriculture & Consumer EconomicsWealth and Poverty in a Globalized
Barnes, TeresaHistoryHuman
Barro, MaimounaCenter for African StudiesCultures in
Bassett, ThomasGeography and Geographic Information ScienceWealth and Poverty in a Globalized
Bayat, AsefSociologySocial Movement and Social Change in Global South; Cities of Global South;
Beckman, ErickaSpanish and
Bello, MariaIllinois Strategic International
Benmamoun, Abbas LinguisticsKnowledge, Communication, and Information
Bhatt, RakeshLinguisticsKnowledge, Communication, and Information
Birkenholtz, JessicaReligionCultures in
Birkenholtz, TrevorGeography & GISEnvironmental Sustainability & Social
Bokamba, EyambaLinguisticsKnowledge, Communication, and Information
Bucheli, MarceloHistoryWealth and Poverty in a Globalized
Chumachenko, VolodymyrSlavic Languages and LiteraturesCultures in Contact
Cidell, JulieGeography & Geographic Info ScienceEnvironment, Sustainability and Social
Delgado, Luisa-ElenaSpanish, Italian, and PortugueseCultures in
Escobar, Anna MaríaSpanish, Italian, and PortugueseCultures in
Esfahani , Hadi EconomicsWealth and Poverty in a Globalized
Farner, SusanKinesiologyGlobal Health
Fogelman, CharlesLAS Global
Ford, BarbaraMortenson Center International Library ProgramsKnowledge, Communication, and Information Systems
Fresco, AlainFrenchCultures in
Garber, PaulAnthropologyWealth and Poverty in a Globalized World
Ghamari-Tabrizi, BehroozHistoryGovernance, Conflict, and
Gille, ZsuzsaLAS Global StudiesEnvironment, Sustainability, and Social
Goodnight, MelissaLAS Global
Gottlieb, AlmaAnthropologyCultures in
Harwood, StacyUrban & Regional PlanningCultures in
Jacobsen , Nils HistoryCultures in
Jamal, MalcolmLAS Global
Kalipeni, EzekielGeographyCultures in Contact
Keller, JanetAnthropologyCultures in Contact
Kelsky, KarenEast Asian Languages & CulturesCultures in Contact
Kilgore, JamesCenter for African StudiesWealth and Poverty in a Globalized
Koven, MichéleCommunicationCultures in Contact
Kuenning, MatthewLawGovernance, Conflict, and
Lamers, NicoleEducation AdministrationKnowledge, Communication, and Information
Leff, CarolPolitical Science Governance, Conflict, and Resolution
Manalansan IV, MartinAnthropologyCultures in Contact
Marshall, Anna-MariaSociologyCultures in Contact
McCarthy, CameronEducation Policy, Organization & LeadershipGovernance, Conflict, and
McLafferty, SaraGeography & GISCultures in
McNamara, PaulAgriculture and Consumer EconomicsGlobal
Miller, DanielNatural Resources & Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Sustainability & Social
Miraftab, FaranakUrban and Regional PlanningWealth and Poverty in a Globalized World
Mishra, MithileshLinguisticsKnowledge, Communication, and Information Systems
Montrul, SilvinaSpanish, Italian, and PortugueseKnowledge, Communication, and Information Systems
Moodie, EllenAnthropologyHuman
Mortimer, ArmineFrench and Italian Cultures in Contact
Murray, BruceGermanic Languages and LiteraturesCultures in Contact
Orta, AndrewAnthropologyCultures in Contact
Paceley, ValerieLAS Global
Packard, JeromeEast Asian Languages & CulturesKnowledge, Communication, and Information Systems
Pahre, RobertPolitical ScienceGovernance, Conflict, and Resolution
Pandharipande, RajeshwariReligion Cultures in Contact
Rabin, DanaHistoryCultures in Contact
Rashid , SalimEconomicsWealth and Poverty in a Globalized World
Ribot, JesseGeography & Geographic
Rosas, GilbertoAnthropologyCultures in
Rota, EmanuelSpanish, Italian, and
Rudasill, LynneCenter for Global StudiesKnowledge, Communication, and Information Systems
Saadah, EmanLinguisticsGovernance, Conflict, and
Sadler, RandallLinguisticsKnowledge, Communication, and Information
Salo, Ken Urban and Regional PlanningEnvironment, Sustainability, and Social
Santos, CarlaRecreation, Sport and TourismCultures in
Silverman, HelaineAnthropologyCultures in Contact
Singer, CliffordNuclear Plasma and Radiological EngineeringGovernance, Conflict, and Resolution
Solomon, JonClassicsCultures in Contact
Spindel, CarolEnglishCultures in
Stoppino, EleonoraSpanish, Italian, and PortugueseCultures in
Sydnor, SynthiaKinesiologyGlobal Health
Symes, CarolHistoryCultures in
Tempest, RichardSlavic Languages and LiteraturesCultures in Contact
Tierney, RobertEast Asian Languages and CulturesCultures in Contact
Uddin, RizwanNuclear Plasma and Radiological EngineeringEnvironment, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility
Viswanathan, MadhubalanBusiness AdministrationEnvironment, Sustainability, and Social
Wade, MaraGermanic Languages & LiteraturesCultures in Contact
Wedig, TimothyLAS Global Studies ProgramGovernance, Conflict, and
Whitten, NormanAnthropologyCultures in Contact
Wilcox, JohnSpanish, Italian, and PortugueseCultures in Contact
Wilson, RoderickHistoryEnvironmental Sustainability & Social
Winter-Nelson, AlexAgriculture and Consumer EconomicsWealth and Poverty in a Globalized World
Wong, CaraPolitical ScienceGovernance, Conflict, and Resolution