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“The most important thing an institution does is not to prepare a student for a career but for a life as a citizen.”

— Frank Newman

Career Prep

Career Prep

Global and International Studies majors are bound together by an interest in global issues and their analysis. They gain the necessary interdisciplinary tools and perspectives to work towards solutions of challenges that are manifested across the globe. Majors  develop foreign language proficiency and cultural experience. They develop information literacy and inquiry skills relevant for navigating contemporary information and communication systems. Their program requirements prepare them for careers in a wide variety of fields dealing with issues that have global scope. These include international trade and aid organizations, civil society groups and non-profit work, firms focusing on international law or human rights, various agencies of the government, international education, and groups engaged in environmental governance and activism.

Upon graduation, our majors have taken the following ‘next steps’ in their career preparations:

  • Entry-level positions in business or politics and government, or education abroad
  • Graduate studies in many different fields, including Urban Planning, Development Economics, Area Studies, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, International Relations, Security Studies, Higher Education Administration
  • Professional studies such as law school, medical school and culinary school
  • Service work, including Peace Corps and Teach for America